Servicemesh with Istio & Serverless with Knative Workshop

Get Hands-on & Explore Servicemesh with Istio & Serverless with Knative

By Kamesh Sampath (Red Hat) and Sébastien Blanc (Red Hat)

7th March (10:00AM to 5:00PM), Radisson Blu, Bangalore

What’s covered

Looking to deploy Istio to your Kubernetes clusters, but not sure how? Confused about serverless workloads on Knative? Trying to integrate DevOps practices like A/B Testing, chaos engineering, or traffic splitting into your deployment practices? This workshop explains how to effectively adopt DevOps tools like Istio and Knative for utilizing service meshes and serverless in your deployments. The workshop starts with an introduction to Kubernetes fundamentals such as service, deployment, pods etc., with practical exercises, you will learn about “servicemesh” and how it helps you in building next generation microservice by applying patterns such as blue-green deployment, canary deployment, circuit breakers etc., The workshop concludes with teaching how to deploy and run your microservices as “serverless” applications using Knative.


    Kubernetes Basics with OpenShift
  • Introduction
  • Servicemesh with Istio
  • Deploy Microservices
  • Observability
  • Traffic Routing
  • Chaos Testing
  • Serverless with Knative
  • Setup
  • Basics and Fundamentals
  • Scaling

Audience & Requirements

This workshop is for developers/architects having hands-on experience with:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Microservices development in any language preferred Java
  • Basic linux like navigating to directory, listing files etc.,

Participants should also bring their own laptops to connect to the workshop machines hosted in cloud.

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Kamesh Sampath

Director of Developer Experience, Red Hat

He actively educates on Kubernetes/OpenShift, Servicemesh, and Serverless technologies. With a career spanning close to two decades, most of Kamesh’s career was with services industry helping various enterprise customers build Java-based solutions. Kamesh has been a contributor to Open Source projects for more than a decade and he now actively involved in Open Source projects like Knative,Minikube, Eclipse Che, Quarkus and Apache Camel K etc.

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Sébastien Blanc

Director of Developer Experience, Red Hat

Sébastien Blanc, Red Hat's Director of Developer Experience, is a Passion-Driven-Developer with one primary goal: share his passion by giving talks that are pragmatic, fun and focused on live coding.